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Chaney App User Reviews
User Reviews: Chaney Enterprises
Concrete Calculator App

Legacy - October 13, 2011 (Motorola Droid X)
Great app. Very useful tool.

Matthew - February 25, 2012 (HTC EVO 3D)
Great tool for on the go calculations.

Ty - January 12, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S)
As a ready mix driver, a very handy tool to have.

Mark - December 30, 2011 (Samsung Droid Charge)
Great! Simple & to the point!

Patrick - March 9, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S)
This app. makes my job so much easier. ..use it everyday.

Rodney - December 8, 2011 (Motorola Droid)
Works great, very useful.

Paul - November 16, 2011 (iPhone) 
If you are in the construction business, this is a must have. I use it everyday.

Jim - January 2, 2012 (iPhone) 
Handy little app. I used the footing and slab and they were very accurate!

 concretegal - March 10, 2012 (iPhone) 
Very easy to use. Thanks!


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