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Course Builder

Providing online training and elearning solutions is key in being successful in any business. Yet, we recognize the challege of setting up an online university for your organization and creating courses for your customers and employees can be time consuming and costly. That is why we created Course Builder.

No matter the size of your organization or online training need, Course Builder is the friendly, rapid development tool you are looking for. As an LCMS and LMS, it is 2 solutions for the price of 1.

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  • Suitable for online classes as well as supplementing face-to face learning
  • Simple interface, compatible with all major browsers and iPad
  • Categorized course listings
  • Easy to install and use
  • Strong security from checked forms, data validation and encrypted cookies, etc.

Site Management - LMS
  • Site managed by administrator who can set rights to each user
  • Site setup and motif skinning can be modified and customized per course
  • Using the site manager you can:
    - Rapidly develop new courses
    - Update and change existing courses
    - Manage users, groups, and course enrollment and resources
    - Run reports
    - Import SCORM compliant packages
    - Send email invitations for course taking and signup in the system
    - Create quizzes
    - Create course groupings
    - Link courses to TestBuilder system

User Management
  • Admin involvement reduced, while high security retained
  • User authentication methods allowing existing system integration
  • Students can manage own profiles and login to a portal page
  • Forgot password feature
  • Resources accessed and Assigned courses launched from portal

Course Management - LCMS
  • An individual course theme and layout can be created for any course.
  • Flexible array of course activities such as quizzes, resources, choices, pop-ups, video, audio, super –imposed windows, matching, building, etc.
  • Teacher(s) and students can be placed in one or more groups
  • Recent changes to the course since the last login can be displayed on the course home portal page
  • Content areas seen by students have an HTML editor tool bar with many standard editing functions, including an html code view
  • Send out invitations to students or reports to administrators with mail integration
  • Backed up daily and can be restored upon request
  • Other SCORM compliant courses can be imported into CourseBuilder and made available to students
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