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Onsite and Offsite Cloud Backups
Onsite and Offsite Cloud Backups – Like Cheap Insurance!

How much money will you lose if you lost the information on one of your workstations? Can you afford that system to be down and for how long? What would happen if you lost all your accounting information? What if you lost all your data? Don’t let this happen to your business. Onsite and offsite backups with Blue Cactus Backups from The Digital Ranch will help protect your data, from hardware failure to major disasters. From a single computer, to servers and workstations, The Digital Ranch can help you protect your most important asset – your data.

Here are some features of onsite and offsite backups our team of experts provide.

  • Automatic onsite backups of all computers
  • Allow your data to be restored within hours not days
  • Restore your computer exactly the way it was before, without reinstalling software
  • Restore individual files even previous versions
  • Automatic offsite backups – mirroring the onsite backups
  • Offsite cloud backups are encrypted before being sent to the data center
  • Data backed up offsite in a cloud is accessable from any computer
  • HIPPA and PCI compliancy
  • Securely access and restore data on-demand

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Onsite and offsite backups 


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