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Remote Hands

The Digital Ranch's skilled professionals provide free Remote Hands for equipment hosted at the data center. We cover both Tier 1 and Tier 2 services as part of our added value.

Tier 1 support covers items such as:

  • Pushing a button, toggling or flipping a switch
  • Rebooting or power cycling of equipment
  • Reading off serial numbers on equipment to customer
  • Providing visual verification to assist customer's remote troubleshooting efforts
  • Plug in a console port for remote management by customer
  • Moving or securing a cable
  • Reporting what is on the screen on a monitor in a customer colocation space
  • Auditing power circuit usage
  • Hooking up a monitor and reporting what is on the screen

Tier 2 support covers items such as:

  • Labeling equipment and cables
  • Assisting customer with physically installing, relocating, or movement of equipment
  • Opening customer’s equipment to investigate hardware configuration
  • Configuring customer equipment
  • Taking inventory of a customer's equipment, or taking pictures of equipment or co-location space
  • Labeling equipment and cables
  • Troubleshooting hardware and operating system issues
  • Helping with software installation such as operating system, MSSQL and other standard software
  • Managed primary and secondary DNS services
  • Managed firewall services

Services not included in either Tier 1 or Tier 2 remote hands and are billed separately are:

  • Swapping out offsite backup drives and taking them to another location
  • Client requests to pick up hardware and take it down to the data center

How Can I Order Remote Hands?

Requests for scheduled or unscheduled remote hands support can be made at any time. However, please schedule non-emergency remote hands at least 24 hours prior to the desired scheduled event. Requests should originate from an authorized contact via email to, the online request form or by calling 801-485-4503. In the request, please include complete instructions for the Remote Hands technician. The Digital Ranch will inform you when the request is received and completed.

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