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Site Manager Upgrades


  • Blog - Have a blog within your own site.
  • Careers - List job positions available in your company.
  • Coupon Generator - Create custom barcoded coupons to match your system.
  • Documents - Organize and maintain online documents.
  • Events - List events with dates, descriptions and links to agendas & registration.
  • FAQs - List "Frequently Asked Questions" and the answers.
  • Free Form - Create any type of page for your site.
  • Google Maps - Illiustrate geographical locations with an interactive map.
  • News - Write, publish and archive company news articles.
  • Newsletter Signup - Sign up your customers for a newsletter.
  • Payment - Create an Online billpay system.
  • Products - Provide a product list for your customers.
  • Refer - Refer a friend using this form.
  • Request Form - Create a custom request form for your site.
  • Request Form Plus - Customize the layout of your online forms.
  • RSS Feed - Pull regularly changing web content.
  • Survey - Create and manage online surveys.
  • Logo Design - Custom logo design from a graphic designer.
  • Interface Design - Custom interface design from a graphic designer.
  • Button & Icon Graphics - Custom button and icon design from a graphic designer.
  • Content Graphics - Custom content graphics from a graphic designer.
  • Photo Shoot - Digitally capture the images you need for your site with a professional photo shoot.
  • Flash Animation - Our professional animators can bring your site to life with a touch of Flash.
  • Original Audio - The Digital Ranch can script and record original audio, both music and narration, for your site.
  • Existing Audio - The Digital Ranch can capture, edit and compress your existing audio.
  • Original Video - The Digital Ranch can script and produce original video for your project or site.
  • Existing Video - The Digital Ranch can capture, edit and compress you existing video.
  • Programming - Our programmers can build your site, e-learning course or custom application in a variety of software languages.
  • Content Design - Our information architects and instructional designers can help define and design your site content and e-learning course.
  • Technical Support - Our technical support service for your custom training is easy and affordable.
  • Training & Consulting - The Digital Ranch can provide you with internet consulting as well as create custom training to meet your company's needs.
  • Insert Site Content - Let The Digital Ranch insert your site content for you.
  • Search Engine Support - Stay current in the search engines with our submission service.
  • Social Media Marketing - Get help with your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
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